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  1. How to Use Module Resources in Objective-C SPM Packages
  2. 18 Aug

    With the release of Swift 5.3, Swift Package Manager took a big step towards being able to replace legacy dependency managers like Carthage and CocoaPods. As detailed in WWDC Session 10169 Swift Packages now support the bundling of resource files within a module. What's more, as this is a new compiler feature we don't have to wait to drop pre-iOS 14 support to take advantage of it - we can begin using it as soon as we start building our apps with Xcode 12. However, at first glance it may appear that Apple has neglected to add support for module resources in Objective-C package targets, preventing us from adding SPM support to older framework projects. Fortunately this is not the case, and resource bundles are fully supported for Objective-C targets. Read more…

  3. Respecting Accessibility in Custom View Controller Transitions
  4. 29 Jun

    There are many accessibility options available today in iOS. Such technologies are not only to help those users with vision impairment, but also those with physical disabilities and hearing problems. To Apple's credit, many of these technologies can be utilised in 3rd party apps without any work required on the developer's behalf. However, for some accessibility options it is the developer's responsibility to take extra care when building their apps to ensure that all users can take advantage of what their applications have to offer. Today we will focus on one such accessibility setting in particular: "Reduce Motion". Read more…

  5. The Code Review Secrets of High Performance Teams
  6. 26 May

    There is a common misconception in many software organisations that development teams can either focus on shipping features or maintaining a high-quality codebase - but that you can't do both at the same time. This simply isn't true. Read more…

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