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  1. Blazingly-fast User Interface Testing for Fun and Profit
  2. 31 Oct

    The user interface is the only part of your app that your users actually see and interact with, therefore it is important to make sure that it works. The world's greatest networking layer or expertly crafted data-storage solution will all be for nothing if your UI is broken. Despite this, view testing is often overlooked by developers, and for good reason - it can be far easier said than done, particularly given the tools specifically provided to do it. Today we will explore a solution that makes testing your UI quick and simple, using the tools you already use for testing the business logic of your app. Read more…

  3. Uploading App Store dSYMs to Firebase with GitHub Actions
  4. 26 Apr

    Back in 2015, Apple introduced Bitcode, which allows Apple to re-optimise an app's binary without the need to submit a new version. With bitcode enabled, your app is compiled and linked on the App Store during submission. Because of this, new dSYMs are generated after your app is submitted, which need to be uploaded to your crash-tracker of choice in order that crashes on customer devices can be correctly symbolicated. Today, we will be looking at how to upload these App Store dSYMs to Firebase via a job run using GitHub Actions. Read more…

  5. Simplified Project Configuration Using Multi-Platform Frameworks in Xcode 13
  6. 13 Jan

    With the advent of XCFrameworks in 2019, Apple made it simple to deliver a single framework package that catered for multiple platforms. However, producing a multi-platform framework still involved managing different per-platform configurations in the framework's Xcode project. This duplication of configuration could become repetitive and error prone, leading to potentially misconfigured framework versions. Now, thanks to Multi-Platform Frameworks in Xcode 13, this duplication problem has been resolved once and for all. Read more…

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