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  1. Code Completion for Your App's Localisations with DJAStrings
  2. 3 Jul

    In the previous article we looked at the advancements that Apple has made in string localisation with the newly introduced String Catalogs for Xcode 15. Today we will look at how a new development tool, DJAStrings, makes using your app's localisations a breeze, with advanced code-completion and documentation features coming for free out of the box. Read more…

  3. String Localisation Advancements in Xcode 15
  4. 27 Jun

    String localisation is the most important step to take for making your app accessible to users across the world. By translating your app's copy to multiple languages, you are able to provide the user experience that your customers expect in locations around the globe. Today we will take a look at how the process of string localisation has been managed on Apple platforms up until now, and then take a dive in to the advancements that have been made in Xcode 15. Read more…

  5. UIFont Updates in iOS 17
  6. 7 Jun

    Typography is a key design element across all Apple platforms, supported by customised fonts that are included specifically for user interfaces across iOS, macOS, watchOS and more. Starting with the San Fransisco typeface introduced in iOS 9, Apple has iterated on the standard font to include support for compressed and expanded variants, as well as introduced new typefaces to support monospaced, rounded, and seriffed fonts. As well as different visual styles, Apple platforms have a set of built in semantic font types, allowing fonts to be chosen based on their purpose, rather than specific point sizes. This allows fonts to automatically update to match the user's preferred text size settings - a feature known as Dynamic Type. It is this feature that has seen an update in iOS 17. Read more…

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