Articles tagged with 'macOS'

  1. Simplified Project Configuration Using Multi-Platform Frameworks in Xcode 13
  2. 13 Jan

    With the advent of XCFrameworks in 2019, Apple made it simple to deliver a single framework package that catered for multiple platforms. However, producing a multi-platform framework still involved managing different per-platform configurations in the framework's Xcode project. This duplication of configuration could become repetitive and error prone, leading to potentially misconfigured framework versions. Now, thanks to Multi-Platform Frameworks in Xcode 13, this duplication problem has been resolved once and for all. Read more…

  3. Resolving LLDB "Couldn't IRGen Expression" Errors When Building XCFrameworks Using Carthage
  4. 26 May

    Pre-building your application's dependencies using Carthage and checking them in to source control has numerous advantages over not doing so. Local build times for developers as well as CI build times are vastly improved, we guarantee the consistency of built dependencies across build machines, and we don't have to dirty up our projects with a hideously over-engineered dependency manager like CocoaPods. However, doing so can lead to LLDB problems for projects developed on more than one machine i.e by development teams larger than one. Read more…

  5. Fixing "Image Events" AppleScripts Broken in macOS 10.15 Catalina
  6. 24 Nov

    Image asset resizing is a common operation carried out by developers when building iOS applications. Perhaps not all of the icons in your application can be represented using vector graphics, so 1×, 2×, and 3× representations need to be created to support various different Retina Display configurations. Also, at the time of writing, every application needs 18 differently sized variations of its icon to be provided in order to support notifications, the application's entry in the Settings app, and search results in the iOS spotlight UI. That's an awful lot of image resizing! Read more…