Articles tagged with 'Software Development Practice'

  1. Uploading App Store dSYMs to Firebase with GitHub Actions
  2. 26 Apr

    Back in 2015, Apple introduced Bitcode, which allows Apple to re-optimise an app's binary without the need to submit a new version. With bitcode enabled, your app is compiled and linked on the App Store during submission. Because of this, new dSYMs are generated after your app is submitted, which need to be uploaded to your crash-tracker of choice in order that crashes on customer devices can be correctly symbolicated. Today, we will be looking at how to upload these App Store dSYMs to Firebase via a job run using GitHub Actions. Read more…

  3. The Code Review Secrets of High Performance Teams
  4. 26 May

    There is a common misconception in many software organisations that development teams can either focus on shipping features or maintaining a high-quality codebase - but that you can't do both at the same time. This simply isn't true. Read more…