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  1. Resolving LLDB "Couldn't IRGen Expression" Errors When Building XCFrameworks Using Carthage
  2. 26 May

    Pre-building your application's dependencies using Carthage and checking them in to source control has numerous advantages over not doing so. Local build times for developers as well as CI build times are vastly improved, we guarantee the consistency of built dependencies across build machines, and we don't have to dirty up our projects with a hideously over-engineered dependency manager like CocoaPods. However, doing so can lead to LLDB problems for projects developed on more than one machine i.e by development teams larger than one. Read more…

  3. Recreating the iPadOS Settings App Navigation Bar Style
  4. 4 May

    With the release of iPadOS in 2019, Apple confirmed their commitment to treating the iPad as a serious computing platform in its own right. Additions to the user interface such as slide-over and split-view multitasking, App Exposé, redesigned sidebars, and Multi-Window UIs all demonstrate how Apple is focussed on transitioning iPad from a content consumption device to a "traditional computer" replacement for many users. As their technical underpinnings are identical, iPadOS is primarily differentiated from iOS via changes to the user interface of the operating system. Read more…

  5. Fixing Multi-Level UINavigation​Controller Menu Layouts in UISplitView​Controller on iOS 14
  6. 20 Jan

    With the release of iPadOS 14, Apple introduced a new sidebar style for app navigation, designed to provide quick access to top level collections of application content. Sidebars allow users to quickly navigate to the data that they care about, and also provide a user interface that easily adapts to macOS when built using Catalyst. Building a sidebar-style app starts with using a UISplitViewController, so let's begin by taking a look at the new APIs added in iPadOS 14 to facilitate this new kind of app design. Read more…

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