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  1. UIFont Updates in iOS 17
  2. 7 Jun

    Typography is a key design element across all Apple platforms, supported by customised fonts that are included specifically for user interfaces across iOS, macOS, watchOS and more. Starting with the San Fransisco typeface introduced in iOS 9, Apple has iterated on the standard font to include support for compressed and expanded variants, as well as introduced new typefaces to support monospaced, rounded, and seriffed fonts. As well as different visual styles, Apple platforms have a set of built in semantic font types, allowing fonts to be chosen based on their purpose, rather than specific point sizes. This allows fonts to automatically update to match the user's preferred text size settings - a feature known as Dynamic Type. It is this feature that has seen an update in iOS 17. Read more…

  3. Preventing Scroll Hijacking by DragGesture​Recognizer Inside ScrollView
  4. 23 May

    One of the areas where SwiftUI's declarative architecture shows its fundamental departure from UIKit's object-oriented approach is in the field of gesture handling. Today we will explore a particular difficulty caused by this, and a potential solution. Read more…

  5. Blazingly-fast User Interface Testing for Fun and Profit
  6. 31 Oct

    The user interface is the only part of your app that your users actually see and interact with, therefore it is important to make sure that it works. The world's greatest networking layer or expertly crafted data-storage solution will all be for nothing if your UI is broken. Despite this, view testing is often overlooked by developers, and for good reason - it can be far easier said than done, particularly given the tools specifically provided to do it. Today we will explore a solution that makes testing your UI quick and simple, using the tools you already use for testing the business logic of your app. Read more…

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