Articles tagged with 'Unit Testing'

  1. Blazingly-fast User Interface Testing for Fun and Profit
  2. 31 Oct

    The user interface is the only part of your app that your users actually see and interact with, therefore it is important to make sure that it works. The world's greatest networking layer or expertly crafted data-storage solution will all be for nothing if your UI is broken. Despite this, view testing is often overlooked by developers, and for good reason - it can be far easier said than done, particularly given the tools specifically provided to do it. Today we will explore a solution that makes testing your UI quick and simple, using the tools you already use for testing the business logic of your app. Read more…

  3. Building a Unit Tested, iCloud-backed Persistent Data Model with NSUbiquitous​KeyValueStore
  4. 2 Apr

    In modern iOS applications, users expect to be able to access their data across all of their devices. Thanks to the wide array of hardware produced by Apple, this can span from portable devices such as iPhone and iPad, all the way to our desktop computers and TVs. Many apps have their data supplied by back-end services, making shared access relatively trivial across multiple platforms. However, for apps that are responsible for managing data without such provision, we can build our own data stores on top of iCloud in order to serve our users with the information they expect on whichever device they choose to use. Read more…

  5. Unit Testing with UIGesture​Recognizer
  6. 30 Dec

    With Xcode 7, Apple introduced UI Testing to make it easy to add black-box user interface tests for our apps. While these allow us to automate much of our UI testing, the black-box nature of this environment means that we cannot test the underlying code in our applications while running these kinds of tests. If we want to do that, we need to rely on good old-fashioned unit tests. Read more…